I am currently accepting undergraduate and graduate students

Please contact me to discuss research opportunities


There are several ongoing lines of research in the laboratory (see below) that offer students opportunities to explore various disciplines including evolution, ecology, physiology, behavior, or genetics.  Students in the lab are especially encouraged to integrate across two or more disciplines and develop specialized skills (genomics, geographic information systems, etc.).  Although the lab’s existing studies focus on fishes, students are also encouraged to develop research questions related to evolutionary biology using any study system.


Ongoing projects with research opportunities include:

Mechanisms of ecological divergence in livebearing fishes: Livebearers have long been investigated in terms of sexual selection, but much less is known about the role of ecological divergence during the diversification of Poeciliidae.  Our work on this question combines ecology, physiology, and phylogenetic comparative methods to understand factors influencing diversification from micro- to macro-evolutionary scales.


Mechanisms maintaining adaptive genetic variation in natural populations: Standing genetic variation is critical to promoting adaptation during times of environmental change.  Although we’ve known for decades that populations harbor much more variation than expected, we do not understand the mechanisms that promote the maintenance of adaptive polymorphism.  Our work combines behavior, physiology, and ecological niche modeling to test fundamental hypotheses about mechanisms underlying adaptive polymorphism in natural populations.