PI: Zachary Culumber, Assistant Professor

University of Alabama in Huntsville

301 Sparkman Drive Huntsville AL 35899


Katelyn Giltner

Katie joined the lab in Fall 2019 as an undergraduate, and has gone on to complete an Honor’s Thesis and now is working towards an MSc in the lab.  Her primary research interests are in evolution, ecology, animal behavior & physiology.

Katie’s CV

Joshua Fitts

Josh joined the lab in Fall 2023 to pursue an MSc after completing a B.S. at the University of North Alabama.  His primary interests are to continue to examine questions related to freshwater fish ecology including regionally endemic species.

Grad Alumni

Jennifer Dougherty (MSc)

Past Undergraduates

Collin Ainslie (SP20) – Currently pursuing a biomedical science degree

Noah Daniels (SP22) – Currently in medical school

Katelyn Giltner (SP22) – Currently pursuing an MSc in biology in the lab

Tyler Chan

Audrey Kirby

Grace Oswald



If you are interested in joining the lab as an MSc or PhD student, contact Dr. Culumber.  We are currently looking for two students who could start in Fall 2024.